True Catalyst 9X Stick- Junior

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A mid-zone kick point that allows maximum energy loading for effortless power and a stiff taper zone to maximize control

New BAT Technology is designed for control, yielding greater blade consistency and vibration damping properties on impact. The BAT Technology incorporates lightweight braided Aramid fibers from the heel to the toe of the blade for superior accuracy

Featuring PLD technology that optimizes 25 layers of carbon fiber, the Catalyst 9X is designed with an advanced laminate construction to reduce overall stick weight without impacting durability. The laminate construction optimizes fiber angles and provides both improved stiffness and impact strenght

Square Corner, Double concave shaft shaft

50 Flex- 315g

40 Flex- 305g

30 Flex- 290g

20 Flex- 280g

True Catalyst 9X Stick- Junior
True Catalyst 9X Stick- Junior
True Catalyst 9X Stick- Junior