ProSharp Skate Profiling

With Swedish premium quality and cutting-edge technology, together with a genuine passion for research and development, Prosharp has delivered premium quality and helped skaters achieve excellent performance since 1984. It's unique profiling follows you through every stage of your skating career, optimizing your skating in anyway you need to achieve your own excellency.
We offer the full line-up of the ProSharp performance profiles
Quad Series- Quad XXS, XS, Quad Zero, Quad I, & Quad II
Zuperior Series- XXXS, XXS, XS, Small, Medium, Large
Ellipse Series- XXXS, XXS, XS, Ellipse Zero, Ellipse I, & Ellipse II
Basic Profiles- 9/10ft. Combo, & 11ft. Radius
Goal Profiles- Goalie Sam, Goalie Win