Sports-O-Zone Machine


Bacterial infections and the spread of viruses relating to tactical and athletic gear are becoming a bigger concern each year, sidelining many of our service men/women and athletes. Sports-O-Zone USA, LLC is tackling this issue with Ozone, one of the strongest oxidants and disinfectants ranking ahead of hydrogen peroxide, bleach and iodine.


Our system is unique in that it addresses the sanitation of equipment that cannot be effectively washed. Bacteria and viruses can hide in crevices of that equipment. Ozone, a gas that naturally occurs in nature, seeks out the bacteria and viruses in those hard to reach crevices and eliminates them naturally.


Ozone effectiveness, like all disinfectants, works on time and concentration. The sanitation system works with high levels of ozone, with a short cycle time, in a controlled chamber. Ozone leaves no residue on the equipment that can cause skin irritation.


The system is safe due to the Smart Technology that was developed over the last 5 years and is part of every Decon Zone and Sports-O-Zone machine. Our Smart Technology monitors ozone levels inside the locked cabinet and records it every five seconds. At the end of the sanitation cycle, the system reverts excess ozone back into the oxygen we breathe and does not allow access into the chamber until the ozone level is below OSHA guidelines.




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